Natural environmental protection is still the focus of the design of knitted apparel fabrics in the spring and summer of 2021

In the era of cuteness, this is a young and individual theme. Disdain to be with others, advocating straightforward expressions, small, broken, and unique are the characteristics of this generation; cuteness is their simple, humorous and friendly way of expression, and it is also a proactive self-expression. At the same time, lowering the playfulness and interest of the posture has become an indispensable design gene and brand element for commercial brands to attract the younger generation.

According to the analysis and forecast of the sales trend in the early Spring Festival of 2021, natural environmental protection is the focus of the design of knitted apparel fabrics in the spring and summer of 2021 in China Textile City. The spring and summer T-shirt knitted fabric products of 2021 emphasize natural comfort, functionality and ecology. From yarn shape, fabric structure to finishing, it will guide the development of fabrics, which will also make the spring and summer T-shirt knitted fabrics of China Textile City in 2021 The popular colors have become more diversified. Abstracting the green prints based on mountain peaks into zigzag pleats and mosaic patterns on knitted garments, the designer casts his attention beyond the distant horizon and into the vast sky shrouded in the desert. Invented a childish print pattern of the moon and stars, and once again summarized the sunset scene, condensed it into a bold tie-dye pattern. Other themes include figures gazing at the sunset and the starry sky, representing the designer himself, to emphasize and decorate with lace. Under the crazy surface of these pattern fabrics hide the designer’s unique creative ideas. If you observe carefully enough, you will find that there are many calm, low-key, very wearable items hidden in the entire series. For example, high-quality knitwear looks very fashionable. Multi-component blended yarns such as silk cotton yarn, cotton linen yarn, high-count section dyeing, floral gray yarn, delicate high-count mercerized cotton fabrics, colorful jacquard and intarsia fabrics, woven hanging threads, three-dimensional printed fabrics Waiting for favor.

2021 China Textile City Spring/Summer T-shirt fabric selection mainly includes the following categories: Mercerized cotton is still the main material for high-end business and leisure brand T-shirts due to its comfortable, breathable, soft, wrinkle-resistant, and excellent luster; refined cotton products are due to Soft and comfortable, the fabric style is more suitable for the general public, more suitable for young casual brands; the semi-jersey cotton fabric returns to the original color of the cotton canvas, forming a distinct double-sided stretch, plus cotton bamboo weaving and spotted small ribs. The formation of lightweight cotton and linen yarns and unexpected lightweight flat knitted fabrics. Cotton polyester products have become the first choice for sports and leisure brands due to their functional properties such as moisture absorption and perspiration, anti-ultraviolet rays, and antibacterial properties. Recycling materials are in pursuit of environmental protection by consumers. In the low-carbon environment, it has become the darling of clothing brands, and many sports brands at home and abroad have begun to apply such materials on a large scale. At the same time, it can be seen from the survey that the share of multi-component fiber fabrics in the T-shirt market is gradually expanding because of the complementarity of their performance. For example, silk-cotton fabrics not only have the feel of cotton, but also have a silky appearance. The fabric has excellent wrinkle resistance and is easy to care for, and has a strong market competitiveness. Small-scale repeated use of architectural modularity and industrialized patterns are made into fine plain weave single jersey fabrics and two-sided wearable fabrics, plus a neutral color design. With a sac-like structure, the knitted fabric with a knitted woven cutter plus rubber pads and embossed patterns shows up locally.

T/C polyester-cotton blended yarn 32S knitting dyed varieties, T/C polyester-cotton blended yarn 32S knitting colored fabrics in China textile city 2021 spring and summer knitted T-shirt fabrics, and the four corners of cotton combed yarn 32S knitting dyeing Pique, knitted dyed hexagonal pique, knitted jersey, knitted yarn-dyed strips and knitted 40S cool cotton Ao Dai, cotton cartoon printed Lycra stretch, rayon jersey, 40S cotton jersey, 32S cotton pull frame , Wool pull frame, cotton super soft velvet, T/C polyester cotton jersey, T/C polyester cotton slub jersey, CVC jersey, CVC slub jersey, crystal velvet printing, super soft milk silk, milk silk mill Wool, cotton piqué mesh cloth, 30S rayon knitted crystal linen, 30S rayon knitted jersey and 21S, 30S, 32S, 40S, 45S cotton knit pull frame, knitted cotton Audrey, knitted rayon dyed fabric, Knitted rayon printed fabric, knitted milk silk sanding, knitted milky silk printed, knitted ice silk printed fabric, knitted mercerized cotton, knitted rayon air spinning, knitted T/R polyester viscose jersey, 32S knitted Tencel cotton plain fabric, 40S knitting fine yarn, knitted cotton double-sided drawing frame brushed cloth, knitted cashmere double-layer fabric, T/T pure polyester yarn 32S knitted yarn-dyed strip cotton-like drawing frame, cotton knitting without velvet, knitted cotton-like velvet orange red, hemp gray , Emerald green, dark green, lake blue, sky blue, medium yellow, beige, fresh lemon yellow, lemon green, pink, eggplant green, light coffee and other colors will increase orders. After the large-scale professional operators of the integration of international trade pass positioning printing and positioning embroidery, it will be very popular. Special structure yarns also shine, such as high count yarns, strong twisted yarns, weakly twisted yarns, AB yarns, section dyed yarns, floral gray yarns, pearl yarns, bamboo fibers, modal and soybean protein fibers, cupro ammonia fibers, etc. All are welcomed by the market. Using top-quality long-staple cotton spinning, the fabric is woven with a tight structure and good luster. At the same time, printed fabrics will be favored by many international brands, especially high-count thread and high-count jacquard fabrics woven with high-gauge circular knitting machines. It is a rookie among high-end fabrics. Section dyed yarns, especially high-count section dyed yarns, such as 120S/2 and 80S/2 yarns, have a variety of colors, and their special appearance effects have made many pattern designers’ designs. China Textile City 2021 Spring/Summer knitted T-shirt fabric 32S pure polyester yarn colorful dyed knitted T-shirt four-way stretch and 118D matte FDY, 100DDTY digital printing knitted T-shirt four-way stretch, digital printing and post-digital sequin knit T Knitted T-shirts with four-way stretch, sprinkled gold and silver powder and bronzing are stretched on all sides, and the refurbished pattern takes the market advantage. In particular, 118DFDY knitted printed two-sided stretch T-shirt fabric and 118DFDY knitted printed four-sided stretch T-shirt fabric will account for most of the marketing share.

Post time: Apr-01-2021